Saturday, September 11, 2010

MOSS 2010 Application Service

(1) Access Services View/Edit/Interact with Access 2010 DB’s in the browser Cache
(2)Business Data Connectivity Access LOB data DB
(3)Excel Services View/Edit/Interact with Ecel 2010 files Cache
(4)Managed Metadata Service Access managed taonomy hierarchies, keywords, and social tagging infrastructure as well as Content Type publishing across site collections DB
(5)PerformancePoint Provides the capabilities of PerformancePoint Services Cache
(6)PowerPoint View/Edit/Broadcast PowerPoint presentations in a web browser Cache
(7)Search Crawls content, produces inde partitions, serves search queries DB
(8)Secure Store Services Provides single sign-on authentication to access multiple applications or services DB
(9)State Service Provides Temporary Storage of user session data for SharePoint Server components DB
(10)Usage and Health Data Collection Collects farm wide usage and health data and provides the ability to view various reports DB
(11)User Profile Adds support for My Sites, Profile pages, Social Tagging, and other social computing features DB
(12)Visio Graphics Service Viewing and refreshing of Visio diagrams in the browser BLOB cache
(13)Web Analytics Provides Web Service interfaces