Sunday, November 23, 2008

Current Page URL in the UrlAction of a SharePoint Feature

With the introduction of the feature framework in SharePoint 2007, developers have some great opportunities to customize and enhance nearly everything in SharePoint.

<Elements xmlns="">
Title="My Link"
<UrlAction Url="_layouts/mypage.aspx"/>

When activated, the feature will add a menu item to the Settings menu of any SharePoint list or document library. The menu item will have the title My Link, when clicked the user will navigate to the page mypage.aspx in the _layouts folder

<UrlAction Url="_layouts/mypage.aspx?listid={ListId}"/>

The {ListId} URL token will be automatically replaced with the ID of the list, in which the menu item is shown. In the mypage.aspx, you can retrieve the value of the listid parameter by making use of the QueryString. Once you've got the ID, the object model can be used to get a reference to the SPList instance of that list. According to the documentation on MSDN, the following URL tokens can be used:

  • ~site - Web site (SPWeb) relative link.
  • ~sitecollection - site collection (SPSite) relative link.
  • In addition, you can use the following tokens within a URL:
    • {ItemId} - Integer ID that represents the item within a list.
    • {ItemUrl} - URL of the item being acted upon. Only work for documents in libraries. [Not functional in Beta 2]
    • {ListId} - GUID that represents the list.
    • {SiteUrl} - URL of the Web site (SPWeb).
    • {RecurrenceId} - Recurrence index. This token is not supported for use in the context menus of list items.